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Fish Out Of Water

It’s official – I’m a weirdo. In one of my efforts to make money online I decided to apply to answer surveys. The procedure requires the completion of an extended profile in which one exposes interests, consumption habits, and so on. After getting the thing done and receiving the automatic email congratulating me for such a brave task, I clicked the button to search for a suitable survey. Zero! They had nothing for my profile.

It makes sense. I am not a sports fan. Gadgets and videogames say nothing to me. I don’t drink alcohol nor soda. There’s been years since I last travelled by plane. Shopping is an activity that bores me to death. My only loan is the mortgage for the apartment. Car, health and home are my insurances. And I have no diseases nor chronical pain. Conclusion, nothing is left to be asked about.

This experience strengthen my feeling of not being cut out for this world. I am either an aberration or an alien. No wonder my anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Fish Out Of Water

  1. You had me at “it’s official–I’m a weirdo.”
    I also tried filling out surveys for money and they told me they didn’t have jack for me. All my hopes for easy money cauterized instantaneously.

  2. It’s quite a blow!

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