Month: November 2020

Page 2 In Black And White

FIIIINAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY!… Time to fetch the watercolors box.


This word is of extreme importance. Leaders must give it due value in this time of pandemic, of global disease and death. It is the solidity of civilization and the strength of […]

Sight Drawing #1

Today I went to my car review and draw for a bit in the dealer’s shop, while waiting. It was fast and fun. It helped me to pay attention to detail and […]

The Cold Cold War

men in black and red cade hats and military uniform

They say it ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. By then everyone talked about Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika and glasnost, Boris Yeltsin’s alcoholism and poking of women, and Vladimir […]

Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge

As in literature, music, painting, theatre, sculpture, dance, cinema and all other crafts of expression, there are commercial and artistic comics. Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge is undoubtedly part of the second group. […]

I Started Making Puzzles!

I can now sell my illustrations on puzzles! How cool is that! Buyers will now look at them in detail while having fun. Not bad a gift, don’t you think? Click on […]

The Prison Of Making Money


In order to get traffic to my Etsy shop and to this blog I watch videos and read articles from dozens of alleged gurus of the Internet. One thing all of them […]

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