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Phone Calls

I am now a real estate agent, a business consultant. I am paid on commission. I must excel on real estate raising and salesman talk. Next month I will lose my steady monthly income as a school teacher. I’m embracing change as best as I can. Most of my days now consist of making phone calls to house owners offering my salesman services.

“Hi! Is this Mrs Doe? Are you the owner of a T2 apartment for sale? My name is Nuno Neves and I’m a business consultant from Home Tailors Real Estate. I would like to offer my services.”

I became one of those guys harassing people on the phone. Here I am, studying basic selling psychology with Dale Carnegie in order to get a living. It’s been fun, so far. I am not that much of an harasser and most people on the phone are being nice to me. Persistence is key now. Meanwhile, I’m drawing faster!

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