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Blogging: I finally see the light!

My aim with blogging is to earn money doing what I love – writing, drawing and music composition. Though I make commissions for illustrations, I am, most of all, an author and I have the wild fantasy of finding an audience vast enough for cashing in. Yesterday I saw the light!


I am so dumb! Everyone knows that except this dimwit. No wonder my traffic is nil. I just posted, daily, made the all SEO stuff with the tags and what not, shared the content everywhere, appreciated the posts of some bloggers here and there, and that was it. ONLY NOW I realize blog platforms are bubbles like all other platforms on the Internet. The content is shared almost exclusively among its members. The audience is to be found inside the bubble and it only gets existence through VIRTUAL SOCIAL INTERACTION. It’s a completely different approach from what happens in the REAL WORLD, where advertising repeatedly from the distance on as many places as possible is the main method.

I’m not good at social interaction and I have the chills when doing so for commercial purposes. I am not a salesman.

Once more I’m trying to monetize this site through ads and traffic. So I’ll do my best in this virtual social interaction thing. Perhaps I’ll virtually meet some virtually interesting people who might share my stuff among their virtual and real friends, giving birth to what the Internet calls a COMMUNITY, in spite of being absolutely virtual to me. Hey! I actually had a girlfriend whom I met through HI Five! What the hell am I complaining about?

5 thoughts on “Blogging: I finally see the light!

  1. Hey! I’m actually in a similar position to yours, only I’m just getting the hangs of SEO, tags and social media presence to promote my blog, and it’s so confusing and overwhelming! But I’m still putting in my best effort lol.
    I just wrote precisely a post about a book that tackles this problems, you know? Things like self-promotion and creating a community for the stuff you love and worse, trying to make a living out of it. There’s just so many things that make everything seem so difficult, but they don’t have to be!
    I hope to hear more from you whenever you feel like you’ve found a way around this…

    1. Hi, Natalia! Thank you for your comment. I’ve just read your post about FIRE and I identified myself with the all idea. I have serious doubts about myself being capable of achieving such a goal, taking in to account how thing (do not) work in my country, but you gave me a lot to think about. Keep in touch!

      1. Hey! That’s great! And I totally get you. My country is also not exactly FIRE-friendly, but I sure am going to try things out, even if they don’t work out because hey, what if they do?
        P.D: They one I was telling you about was this one
        Have a great day, my friend!

  2. I have been blogging since 2012, and have over 8,000 followers. But I have never sought to make any money from blogging, and never met anyone who did make any. I think if that is your intention, it’s better to have a commercial website and market it as mainstream businesses tend to do. It will need to get high up on the front page of a Google Search, so good luck with that, Nuno
    Many thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks a lot for your input, Pete. I will do my best!

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