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Inner Child

NunoNevesStore – Urban Art Framed Poster 16 

This drawing was made with total freedom. Shapes appeared without any planning nor considerations on concepts, meaning or symbolism. I felt like when I was a child and did not restrain myself. Recalling such an emotion was a turning point to me.

I stopped drawing regularly a long time ago and now I’m trying to fix that. Back then I turned my attention into writing and published a novel. Each chapter had music and illustrations but the publisher was interested in the text only. Both music and illustrations came up after I wrote the novel. Somehow I still felt the need to express the narrative with visuals and sound.

As a teenager I invested my time in trying to draw comics and now I got back to that stage. In the meantime, this Inner Child drawing came up opening the door for visual exploration independently of any sort of narrative or intention. I’m counting on such moments to enrich my graphic novel projects.

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I composed Cristalia during one of my attempts to write a second science fiction novel. The narrative was abandoned but the sound remained. Most of my music is the result of this kind of process. Sometimes a specific scene and more often a certain mood persecutes me and I do my best to convey it through sound. After that initial stage, music takes me over to the unknown. I just let it go, mood, scenes and ideas emerging one after another whilst feeding each other in a creative symbiosis. It is all a team work of sensations.

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Grandma Gave Me Cool Socks!

Have you ever imagined being delighted with the socks your grandma gave as gift? You are still on time to show her these!

You can find them and more on the Clothing section of NunoNevesStore.

I have made ink and watercolor drawings and also computer patterns to be printed on clothing, stationery and several other objects. It has been a lot of fun and gives to potential customers the possibility to buy MATCHING ITEMS. These socks are not alone! You can make your own collection with a hoodie, a journal and a mug, for instance!

Even better, you may ask your grandma to make a collection for you! Take her to browse NunoNevesStore.

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NunoNevesStore Blog!

Hi, everyone!

I am glad to announce that NunoNevesStore now has this blog. Here I will write about whatever comes to my mind and MAYBE about the items I sell on Etsy. PERHAPS I might write here and there a log about my drawings and my music.

This is the last drawing I have made.

Now I’m adding watercolor on it. This is the first page of a graphic novel that I might never finish. Only time will tell. Nevertheless, I am using the drawings on some items of my shop:

A poster, a few mugs like this one, lots of t-shirts, some sweaters, a blanket, and the cover of a blank journal.

More items will follow.

I add items to my Etsy shop on a daily bases. I intend to post about them here at the same pace.