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Sight Drawing #1

Today I went to my car review and draw for a bit in the dealer’s shop, while waiting. It was fast and fun. It helped me to pay attention to detail and […]

The Prison Of Making Money


In order to get traffic to my Etsy shop and to this blog I watch videos and read articles from dozens of alleged gurus of the Internet. One thing all of them […]

From Civil Servant To Small Businessman

Am I capable of making the jump? Do I have what it takes to measure the risks and prepare myself for the great change? Is this a leap of faith, an entrapment […]

Commissioned Articles

Today I sent emails to a few brands of art materials proposing to write articles about their products in this blog. Will they answer me? Will they answer yes? I believe my […]

Fish Out Of Water

It’s official – I’m a weirdo. In one of my efforts to make money online I decided to apply to answer surveys. The procedure requires the completion of an extended profile in […]


Drawing shapes by themselves, without deliberate connection to objects nor concepts is new territory to me. The drawing above can resemble several things or absolutely nothing. It was made to be used […]

This Drawing Thing

As in every other activity, each illustrator has his own ways of making things. I often regret of my lack of proficiency outside the style I feel comfortable with. One thing I […]

Half Page Inking Done!

How blots of black make all the difference! To my eyes, character and settings pop up, alive, instead of laying in dull flatness. The clumsy world in my head is coming into […]


“Your situation is insoluble”, they told me yesterday, meaning I have to decide whether to get back to the job that burned me out or taking an unpaid leave. Things would be […]


Gosh! How slow and unfocused I am! For instance, I should be drawing instead of writing these lines. The longing for attention is my venom. I am addicted to feedback. My heart […]

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