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This one took a long time to finish. All this changes and uncertainties in my life kept me away from composition. Things are getting better now and I hope to get back […]


This piece is about murder. A woman with a hammer climbs the wall of a gated community during the night with the sole purpose of blowing a man’s skull. She then comes […]

Cosmos Yard

Composed for my sci-fi novel O Sentido Latente, this piece was a technical turning point to me. The melody on the long middle section was completely improvised, using the bass rhythm to […]

The Acacia Hotel

As in the case of Cristalia and probably all the music I will share on this blog, The Acacia Hotel is part of the soundtrack of my abandoned narratives. It is a […]


I composed Cristalia during one of my attempts to write a second science fiction novel. The narrative was abandoned but the sound remained. Most of my music is the result of this […]

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