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When truth scares audiences off, the best way to get them back is through laughter. One must avoid solemnity and presumption at all costs. Humor and laughter are not only part of life but a fundamental tool for survival.

There are several types and tastes of humor, about such diverse topics as excrement and philosophy, sometimes in the same joke. The quality of humor is very hard to determine, to the point of people being killed for alleged profanity.

Whatever the reaction might be, humor is a very efficient tool to reveal the unpleasant truth and make peace with it. One of the most relevant examples is the nonexistence of God and the afterlife. The fear to die is the barest emotion of every living being. It is what keeps life in the first place. No wonder the human need to soothing the finitude of existence. Making fun of it helps us to acknowledge such hard reality and face it as something natural. For instance, one could say we don’t have to worry about death because we won’t feel a thing. We have physical pain from injuries and diseases that might take us to death, and the last breath is the utmost relief. Opium is a bless, much better than a priest asking for our darkest secrets before we pass away.

When creating fiction, an author concerned with the construct of a fantasy that expresses the truth will find humor extremely resourceful to captivate audiences. The disgraceful truth can always be funny, even in the most cruel and darkest moments. That is precisely when humor becomes the fundamental boost to survive or to have some anesthesia. Society demands us to be serious in painful and disgraceful moments. Solemnity at all costs, at the expense of our last energies. It’s much more helpful to do the exact opposite. If you find something to laugh about, don’t restrain yourself, as long as you’re not laughing at someone disrespectfully.

Respect is a very complex issue, since people like to take offence. It makes them feel important. Being offended ads value to one’s self-esteem. This doesn’t mean they like to be insulted. It means they like to act as if they were insulted and have an opportunity to make a stand and gain attention. When making a joke, an author must verify whether he’s being really offensive or just offering an opportunity for stupid people to act as if offended. This requires tremendous skill and knowledge of the human nature.

Success comes from the largest number of people willing to laugh with your work. All it takes is finding out the least controversial humor possible, that is, the soft humor of our daily lives. If some of these get hilarious enough, people must find worthwhile investing their time in whatever you do. It takes hard work.

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When writing on the hazards of fantasy, I’m referring to the denial of reality and it’s highly harmful consequences, mental illness and genocides included. Religion, extremism, obscurantism and negativism are notorious examples.

The good role of fantasy lies on creativity, imagination, the establishing of goals and the play with both laws of nature and society, either through utopias or contemporary impossibilities, like flying once was, or through the creation of allegedly absurd worlds. These are the fantasies of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs with vision, some authors and children.

Fiction is, by definition, an expression of fantasy. It is a made up narrative. In each segment of it, an author makes the crucial choice of either obscurantism or vision. Each scene becomes a statement on human nature and it’s up to the author to be false or true.

Most consumers of fiction chose candy, no matter how true or false. They look for catharsis and this is juicier with blunt lies of accomplished desires or sentimental tragedy. It is all about soothing frustrations in the land of bestsellers.

There are exceptions and some of them become classics. In order to become a successful herald of truth through the means of fiction and fantasy, these are the ones to study.

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The Berlin Wall has fallen in 1989, but the Cold War never ended and it’s here to last.

This episode about submarines is both comical and tragic, for the same reason: the obsession with money and the irresponsible moronity of world leaders. As far as I can get it, Australians need subs, so they say. China, Japan and Australia claim portions of the Ocean. It’s all about having control over navigation routes. If China wins, it will be disaster.

Australia had some contract with France to buy a handful of conventional subs. France was having multiple orgasms with the prospect of money pouring in. America got jealous of such a tremendous joy and makes the elitist proposal of nuclear subs on sale, reactors made in Britain. Join the grown-ups, you cangurus! It will be far less submarines, but they will be nuclear! All among brothers of the English language. How awesome is that? Now Australia was jumping with a never ending hard-on.

France cries hysterically, no more orgasms, all pissed-off. Europe feels betrayed. First the Brexit and now this. The European Union is a joke and is treated as such. NATO is shown to be what it always was: America is the guardian of Europe; without America there would be no Europe; America does as pleases and Europe shuts up. Have no illusions, you French and alike. Australia will have our submarines. Subs from America nearby Chinese waters. It will be America, not Europe, to have control over the place. A big nuclear sub. Our sub is bigger than yours!

The world is all messed up and leaders are spending millions on nuclear submarines. Leaders are crying for the loss of contracts to build submarines, amidst a pandemic and a climate crisis. Blame it on the communists. Then the Russians, now the Chinese. I wonder what Putin is thinking about. First, Crimea. Next, Ukraine?

Biden leaves Afghanistan, saying at the UN it’s the first time in twenty years an American president makes a speech there without America being at war. I guess the Taliban are grateful for that. Go make submarines to Australians and play naval battle with the Chinese. Have your orgasms with blowjobs from willing Brits and cangurus. We’ll keep on with our terror agenda and exodus of infidels to Europe. The more flooding away, the more for us to bomb there with suicide squads longing for virgins.

Nuclear subs, nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear morons. Business as usual. Millions in blood money. Lets give a boost to the arms race. The more nuclear we get, the more orgasmic the Apocalypse.

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Paradise and hell are in the same place. Quite frequently, paradise is an expectation and hell is the final result. The striking evidence of this is on the dynamics of couple relationships.

Hell takes the form of psychological war. Couples inflict upon each other severe violence right from the start.

The first aggression is the romantic narrative. Though ethic values are fundamental, most dos and do nots are absurd and doomed to failure. The denial of this absurdity and the commitment to fantasies makes aggression kicking in rather soon.

To avoid war, couples must understand without prejudice the basic elements that make them a couple in the first place. These elements are behaviors towards one another they must guaranty at all costs: 1) provide emotional support and safety; 2) provide sex. That’s it. More than this is selfishness.

Number 1) is prone to highly abused interpretations, so it’s best to make this clear: provision of emotional support and safety can never be made at the expense of one’s identity, character, personality, vocation and all other components that are unique to an individual. People are who they are and that must be respected. Demanding change or improvement is extreme violence.

There’s one fundamental rule in all kinds of human relations among adults: each person must do it’s best to become autonomous and independent, that is, to avoid being a burden. Most couples take the provision of emotional support and safety as the enthusiastic offer of services and availability. Worse, they take offense when the companion makes no offers or refuses to provide such services. This is pure manipulation, venom, psychological war with chemical weapons.

A couple is a consensual connection between two distinct individuals who commit to make each other happy. This happiness relies on emotional support and safety and on sex. Unrealistic and selfish demands make happiness impossible. This goal has no room for illusions about rights and duties. It’s up to each individual to evaluate realistically how much satisfaction can enjoy and provide when taking this commitment, instead of blaming the companion for what is missing.

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Generalized anxiety disorder is often described as being in a permanent state of alert. The heart rate rises, adrenaline is in full throttle, all cells ready to fight and escape for survival. In healthy individuals, this state is transitory and activated only in the face of danger. People with generalized anxiety disorder have this state activated all day during common situations. Everything is taken as a matter of life or death.

All this happens on a subconscious level. Emotions take control of everything, regardless of the constructs of rationality. This is the main feature people fail to understand about mental illness.

A brave person hides emotions in the face of danger and takes action to heroic deeds. Individuals with generalized anxiety disorder feel they are facing danger all the time and are constantly hiding those emotions to take every single action. It is a life felt as martyrdom, no matter how simple and common each task is felt to healthy people. This behavior is often seen as weakness, laziness, irresponsibility, selfishness and arrogance especially when tasks are not fulfilled in due time. Imagine the effect of making such accusations to someone whose emotions tell all the time one is being brave.

No wonder suicide is an option now and then.

Judgemental people are the most toxic to individuals with generalized anxiety disorder, especially when they start giving advice. The intensity of the state of alert goes sky high and suicide becomes a more viable option.

The only valid way to give advice and really help someone with generalized anxiety disorder is to make no judgement and give all the love it takes to make a child feel safe. The state of alert was learned in childhood, before the acquisition of consciousness, or deployed by trauma. Only true generous caresses can make the feeling of danger go away.

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There are people refusing vaccines, medicines, planet Earth as a sphere, the Sun in the center of the Solar System, Evolution, Relativity, coincidences, chance, in short, advances in science and knowledge which have been proved to be facts. They are called negationists because the term stupid is offensive. These people refuse documented history, like the Holocaust and moon landing. They embrace conspiracy theories and present themselves as the heralds of truth.

It is safe to say they are the religion of today, since some of them create their own churches and cults. Negationism and religion share the same methods: blind faith, circular rhetorics based on false assumptions, the use of authority instead of rationality, the stimulation of intuition instead of analysis, constant propaganda and mass mobilization. Like cancer, they are fastly spread and powerful.

The main feature of these people is the combination of fear and laziness. They have the fear of losing their ground and the laziness to build a well studied and founded new ground by themselves. Instead, their option is to make castles in the air.

Keeping or gaining power with minimum effort is the sole motivation of negationists. The not so dumb are perfectly aware of their lies and roles in an industry of influence and control of individuals. They’re redneck mobsters.

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It took me decades to admit reality. Disgustful or not, business is constant in all human relations, not to say among all living beings. Everyone wants to survive and prosper, or to make sure their own kind will flourish. We make business in society, work, friendship, family, parenthood, brotherhood, intimacy and sex. We exchange money, favors, services, attention and caresses. We pursue zillions of strategies to feed our voracious self esteem. We install debt, guilt and pay time. Everyone wants to win, some negotiate towards win-win situations, no one wants to lose.

Denying business is denying reality. I was on denial until very recently. Whether materially or emotionally, we are all making business to win. There is no such thing as pure altruism. We make sacrifices to look good in the eyes of someone and win their love.

Getting rid of prejudice against business is vital. Once admitting it is business we are talking about, all cards will be revealed on the table. No sideways nor innuendos, no resentments nor untold agendas.

This takes us to the great question. What is our agenda? What do we really want? Are we verbalizing it? Most times we find ourselves negotiating for things we never wanted in the first place. We say we want them to avoid being ostracized.

Let me tell you one thing I want.

I want to make graphic novels without wasting time in something else to have shelter and food on the table. That will never happen, but I’ll try activities as close as possible to that purpose. Hence, this site. This is business of expectations. I have AdSense and Amazon ads working. All I need is traffic. Plenty of it. Thousands of views per day. Keep on dreaming. Meanwhile I’m having commissions for illustrations and I’m loving that. Making business brings new opportunities.

What do you want and which expectations are you making business with?

Feel free to comment. I would love that. I might learn something.

Thursday., 2nd September 2021

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A Dignity Money Check

There is money enough for this. It is possible to give a check to each citizen with the necessary amount to survive with dignity. The Gross Domestic Product of my country is 200 000 Million EUR per year. We are about 12 Million citizens, diaspora included. In my crazy math, there’s more than enough money to give 1 Million EUR for each citizen!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking for this. All I’m saying is that even a poor country as mine has money enough to share. If governments, politicians and economists were smart, they wouldn’t be afraid of investing money on citizens. When survival and a minimal comfort are granted, citizens are creative and highly productive. They become motivated and inspired. Dignity boosts self-esteem, confidence and the development of skills.

The plague of unemployment and its consequent suffering and mental illnesses are easy to defeat. Give to each citizen a weekly dignity check. Money to end poverty. Move away the specter of fear.

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Feeling American

The first time I felt to be an American was in September 11, 2001. Wednesday was the second. I am not one but in both days I was injured as (decent) Americans were. Extremism is also rising in my country and the events in the Capitol mirror what is latent in all Western world. We are receding one hundred years and once more opening the path to fascists, thugs and propaganda.

Democracy and its institutions are fragile by nature, but leaders and citizens lost that perception and take those human achievements as granted. Due to corruption and abuse from politicians, there is a climate of total disbelief of the institutions which are supposed to defend the values of freedom and human rights. Disbelieved institutions are the fuel thugs search for to exercise their propaganda, manipulation, violence and abuse.

Once more I pledge our leaders to get serious. Do your work. Be professional.

As for America, in spite of being a young nation, you are the mother of modern democracy. We, much older nations, are still learning from you, the prodigy child. Please, set the example of how to halt this worldwide insurrection of fascism and give muscle to democratic institutions. Don’t let us down.

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Vaccines. Covid out? Trump out! Masks, still. No gatherings, yet. Poverty and unemployment to be continued. Keeping on screwing the environment. Wars. Terrorism. Putin & Pals. Thugs as usual. Full speed China. Warp speed FOMO. Pandemic mental depression. Forced smile totalitarianism. Bullshit layering ad infinitum.

Nevertheless, it might be better than 2020.