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Portrait 1

This is the first of a series of drawings I made with the purpose of selling both as a framed poster and a PDF file for download. I am starting with the spontaneous drawing of characters using pen, paintbrush and Indian ink. No planning at all, no sketching. Each line or blot on the white paper is to stay.

To my utmost surprise, this characters are demanding me to give them existence. They are gaining individual traits and details with subliminal narratives. I’m feeling compelled to obey them.

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A Blog Is Built (Perhaps!)

I think I’ve done it! It even has a page for readers to buy PDF files! I allocated widgets for WordAds and became an Amazon affiliate. Readers can also find a PayPal button to financial contributions to the blog.

Now the thing is to bring traffic for the monetization through ads and sells. The word is being spread on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes by email.

Will this work? Is my content engaging enough? Have my art and products the capability to become necessary to people?

I better turn off the computer and start drawing…

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The Latent Sense

The Latent Sense is the title of my novel O Sentido Latente translated into English. I did not translate the novel but nevertheless I put a PDF version of the Portuguese text available for purchase on my Etsy shop. Unlike the paperback version of the first release, this one contains the drawings I made for each chapter. The same happens with the Kindle version.

My shop, this site and my pages in social media target an international audience, but I would be very happy to reach Portuguese speakers, and, most of all, readers. I love my native language. It saddens me the lack of market for Portuguese writers. New York city alone has almost the population of my entire country.

As for the genre, The Latent Sense might be a science fiction thriller. I was quite young when I wrote it and now I realize teenagers and young adults can be expected as the main readers. Some will probably consider it a bore on a few slow paced passages where aesthetic and psychological concerns take place as the main character hardly becomes aware of his role in the intrigue. To me it has been a remarkable experience witnessing people’s reactions to the structure of the narrative, from pure disappointment to exquisite wonder. Somehow it is a story that causes perplexity to which, as far as my knowledge goes, few readers become indifferent. That is something I’m particularly proud of.

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A few days ago I started to design blankets to the Home & Living section of my Etsy shop. While doing this, thoughts came up about cosiness and emotional shelter, also about Linus from Charles Shulz’s Peanuts. Now and then, we all feel insecure and in need of warmth.

From a long time I’ve thought of trying to live on designs for t-shirts, mugs and stationery, but objects like blankets, pillows and dog tags never crossed my mind. The universe of emotional attachment to objects fascinates me. The objects we choose both become an extension of our identity as a solid, concrete anchor to ground our existence, like Linus’ blanket. It is a thrill to become a designer of such powerful sources of emotional health.

Blankets might be the most obvious symbol of the role of objects in our lives. We depend on them to face the harsh hail of daily life.

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Grandma Gave Me Cool Socks!

Have you ever imagined being delighted with the socks your grandma gave as gift? You are still on time to show her these!

You can find them and more on the Clothing section of NunoNevesStore.

I have made ink and watercolor drawings and also computer patterns to be printed on clothing, stationery and several other objects. It has been a lot of fun and gives to potential customers the possibility to buy MATCHING ITEMS. These socks are not alone! You can make your own collection with a hoodie, a journal and a mug, for instance!

Even better, you may ask your grandma to make a collection for you! Take her to browse NunoNevesStore.

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NunoNevesStore Blog!

Hi, everyone!

I am glad to announce that NunoNevesStore now has this blog. Here I will write about whatever comes to my mind and MAYBE about the items I sell on Etsy. PERHAPS I might write here and there a log about my drawings and my music.

This is the last drawing I have made.

Now I’m adding watercolor on it. This is the first page of a graphic novel that I might never finish. Only time will tell. Nevertheless, I am using the drawings on some items of my shop:

A poster, a few mugs like this one, lots of t-shirts, some sweaters, a blanket, and the cover of a blank journal.

More items will follow.

I add items to my Etsy shop on a daily bases. I intend to post about them here at the same pace.