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I’m still obsessed with making money online. I paused my Etsy shop and created a new one here, on this site. There’s a link on the menu.

The site is also optimized for Google Adsense, and ads keep coming up. I am on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and some viewers come along now and then, but far from being enough. None of them turned into a customer for my services as an illustrator nor purchased something from my store. The only useful page in this site has been the Portfolio, which link I send to potential customers from the Zaask freelance platform. They like my work and make business with me.

I have some regular readers from the WordPress community. That feeds the ego when they’re sincere, but it means nothing for my pockets.

I’m considering giving up any expectations of making money through blogging. I will focus on sharing CHRONOS and hope for nothing in return. Money is to be found somewhere else.

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Ad Experiment

Image may contain: text that says "Não consegue vender ou comprar casa? Fale comigo. 919163460 NUNO NEVES CONSULTOR DE NEGÓCIOS HOME TAILORS REAL ESTATE"

I decided to use my wallpapers on ads for my services as a real estate business consultant. In case they prove to be appealing I will conceive wallpapers specifically for that purpose, as it happened with some of the illustrations for the items on my Etsy shop.

One important issue is the fun I’m having with this. There is joy in the process and that is new to me. The freedom to use my aesthetic creativity to generate income gives me a sense of purpose and achievement. This is quite challenging for someone raised to hate money.

Self-employment or business owning is radically different from being an employee with a regular salary. One has to be proactive and in a state of alert for business opportunities to get food on the table and a roof to live under. Instability becomes the daily routine. I am hoping to get used to it and have fun in the process of watching my abilities being useful, both as a service and as generators of wealth.

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No More Ads

I started this blog to earn money. I tried exclusive content, affiliation and ads. These are things only possible with something I’ll never have. An audience of thousands.

Therefore, the financial purpose left for this blog is to captivate possible customers for my Etsy shop. I will keep the possibility for Patreon style donations whilst producing witty entertainment, either through writing, drawings or videos. Lets see if the thing works.

Though this is not my debut in the blogosphere, the dynamics of it has always been mysterious to me. This mystery also applies to social networks. I am not a social person. The concept of building a community to contemplate what comes out from my navel is out of my grasp. Don’t get me wrong. I like attention, specially towards my work. What gives me the chills is to ask for it and, even worse, to create a cult of personality around me. It is wonderful to have admirers and fans, but creating an industrialized legion to follow me and proselytize my person is plainly sick. As far as I can see, online businesses are all based on that. A vanity fair on global scale.

Someday I’ll find balance.

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Promoting Art

How is someone supposed to do such a thing? Praising from renowned institutions, critics and celebrities? Flashing excerpts like movie trailers? Ads on matching to the public’s criteria? Gifts and discounts?

What does it take to make someone buy one’s work and services? Where is the trigger to make someone feel the need for the art of a certain author? The call for prestige? The guaranteed fun? The well-tuned melancholy? The signs of great wisdom?

How can an artist be weightless and not imposing? Is stardom a requirement to survive? Is this all about branding and building up communities of fans? All about fame? Showbiz?

Are artists doomed?

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Arts And Businesses

It makes seven months today since I started my Etsy shop. This experience made me realize how arts and businesses strongly share a common axis. Their audience. Both activities thrive to get admiration and customers, clients, people who pay at least enough for them to survive. Both arts and businesses rely on the same idea to succeed. Branding. We all recognize a Picasso and a Mercedes.

Most strikingly even is the sharing of mannerisms. Both face the decision between following trends or developing and stand for their unique style, their personality. Target audiences may be either tasteless, normative, daring or sensitive to exquisite aesthetics. Artists and business owners can equally produce commodities or master pieces, and whatever comes in between.

Branding, however, is the key point. Arts and businesses must know how to sell themselves. The distinction between the ideal audience and the real one is crucial. The awareness of the big numbers of popularity and trends is a requisite. Of utmost importance is the notion that the brand makes the product in the same way the suit makes the man. Selling is a masked ball.

This is when another choice comes up. Cynical or sincere branding. To the audience they are indistinguishable on most commodities or art pieces. Ads and articles can lie at will or convey the truth, and no one notices the difference. A good branding campaign makes the audience forget any bad experience from the past. More than a quality statement, a brand captivates us. It makes us wish for whatever it sells to us.

I am trying. Therefore the slogan.

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A Blog Is Built (Perhaps!)

I think I’ve done it! It even has a page for readers to buy PDF files! I allocated widgets for WordAds and became an Amazon affiliate. Readers can also find a PayPal button to financial contributions to the blog.

Now the thing is to bring traffic for the monetization through ads and sells. The word is being spread on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes by email.

Will this work? Is my content engaging enough? Have my art and products the capability to become necessary to people?

I better turn off the computer and start drawing…