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When truth scares audiences off, the best way to get them back is through laughter. One must avoid solemnity and presumption at all costs. Humor and laughter are not only part of life but a fundamental tool for survival.

There are several types and tastes of humor, about such diverse topics as excrement and philosophy, sometimes in the same joke. The quality of humor is very hard to determine, to the point of people being killed for alleged profanity.

Whatever the reaction might be, humor is a very efficient tool to reveal the unpleasant truth and make peace with it. One of the most relevant examples is the nonexistence of God and the afterlife. The fear to die is the barest emotion of every living being. It is what keeps life in the first place. No wonder the human need to soothing the finitude of existence. Making fun of it helps us to acknowledge such hard reality and face it as something natural. For instance, one could say we don’t have to worry about death because we won’t feel a thing. We have physical pain from injuries and diseases that might take us to death, and the last breath is the utmost relief. Opium is a bless, much better than a priest asking for our darkest secrets before we pass away.

When creating fiction, an author concerned with the construct of a fantasy that expresses the truth will find humor extremely resourceful to captivate audiences. The disgraceful truth can always be funny, even in the most cruel and darkest moments. That is precisely when humor becomes the fundamental boost to survive or to have some anesthesia. Society demands us to be serious in painful and disgraceful moments. Solemnity at all costs, at the expense of our last energies. It’s much more helpful to do the exact opposite. If you find something to laugh about, don’t restrain yourself, as long as you’re not laughing at someone disrespectfully.

Respect is a very complex issue, since people like to take offence. It makes them feel important. Being offended ads value to one’s self-esteem. This doesn’t mean they like to be insulted. It means they like to act as if they were insulted and have an opportunity to make a stand and gain attention. When making a joke, an author must verify whether he’s being really offensive or just offering an opportunity for stupid people to act as if offended. This requires tremendous skill and knowledge of the human nature.

Success comes from the largest number of people willing to laugh with your work. All it takes is finding out the least controversial humor possible, that is, the soft humor of our daily lives. If some of these get hilarious enough, people must find worthwhile investing their time in whatever you do. It takes hard work.

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I Am Now A Business Consultant

I now help people to sell their homes and find new ones to live in. Zillions of individuals do that nowadays. There is always someone in need of a house or in need of selling one for the best possible money. This is a high competition and a high collaborative business. And it deals with high hopes and delusions for both owners, buyers and consultants, like myself now.

The trade demands constant training on both soft and hard skills. Experienced colleagues tell me that persistence, discipline, dedication and the strict following of procedures are all it takes to succeed. I feel optimistic. There is room for trial and error. Responsibilities are all mine. It is all a matter of getting the work done.

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Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

fire hot flame hell

As the days pass by the more I feel the boiling oil and the flames I’ll jump into. I am doing my best to remain cool at hellish temperatures. I try to remember myself how lucky I have been and the astonishing number of people who are living the hell I am plunging into, in a much more painful way that I will ever live. I have no responsibilities, no one to take care for.

I have never been unemployed nor had a minimum wage job. I also never have been a freelancer nor a shop owner before, not to mention blogging for pennies. I would really like to be the boss of myself, in a way that income would only depend of my hard work. If only I knew what to provide to people! Though my work is appreciated, it is not vital. What I’ve been doing so far has not being needed.

Perhaps, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, the need for a commodity is only a matter of branding. Something might be wrong on my approach, maybe I’m being to hasty on my expectations, who knows? I only hope to endure the flames.