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I still don’t know what I love doing most. Writing, drawing, music, it’s all the same to me, everything clumsy, absolutely not perfect, but sincere. I can not do it otherwise.

I’m commissioned to illustrate a children’s tale. A few minutes ago, while finishing the inking phase, I decided to share with you one aspect I particularly enjoy in the process. Take a glimpse at this pencil drawing.

Shapes are somehow defined, with little details here and there, but it’s all clumsy. The focus is on expression, movement and rhythm, with little regard to precision.

This is very important to me. I can not feel restricted, even by myself. The only thing I ask from the pencil is guidance, a safety net to avoid disaster. My freedom must be preserved.

Now look at the inking.

Both clumsiness and movement remain. This is my personality. You may notice I make no linework whatsoever. The pen makes the outline as expressively as possible, without any noticeable changes of thickness. I admire the masters of line art and I sure want to become one of them. I don’t know if that will ever happen. I’ve been developing my own technique and I’m quite happy with the outcome.

There is a lot of improvisation. Objects and shapes appear that were not on the pencil phase. I’m drawing freely, letting things happen, like a writer making up sentences or a jazz musician creating melodic lines out of the blue. This is how things work for me.

I envy the real talented artists I find on books and on the Internet. They master techniques much more complex than mine and find in them their gateways of freedom. Anyway, I’m also very proud of my work.

I hope this post is useful in case you need to overcome your fears. Whatever your technique is, find your freedom in it.