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The Berlin Wall has fallen in 1989, but the Cold War never ended and it’s here to last.

This episode about submarines is both comical and tragic, for the same reason: the obsession with money and the irresponsible moronity of world leaders. As far as I can get it, Australians need subs, so they say. China, Japan and Australia claim portions of the Ocean. It’s all about having control over navigation routes. If China wins, it will be disaster.

Australia had some contract with France to buy a handful of conventional subs. France was having multiple orgasms with the prospect of money pouring in. America got jealous of such a tremendous joy and makes the elitist proposal of nuclear subs on sale, reactors made in Britain. Join the grown-ups, you cangurus! It will be far less submarines, but they will be nuclear! All among brothers of the English language. How awesome is that? Now Australia was jumping with a never ending hard-on.

France cries hysterically, no more orgasms, all pissed-off. Europe feels betrayed. First the Brexit and now this. The European Union is a joke and is treated as such. NATO is shown to be what it always was: America is the guardian of Europe; without America there would be no Europe; America does as pleases and Europe shuts up. Have no illusions, you French and alike. Australia will have our submarines. Subs from America nearby Chinese waters. It will be America, not Europe, to have control over the place. A big nuclear sub. Our sub is bigger than yours!

The world is all messed up and leaders are spending millions on nuclear submarines. Leaders are crying for the loss of contracts to build submarines, amidst a pandemic and a climate crisis. Blame it on the communists. Then the Russians, now the Chinese. I wonder what Putin is thinking about. First, Crimea. Next, Ukraine?

Biden leaves Afghanistan, saying at the UN it’s the first time in twenty years an American president makes a speech there without America being at war. I guess the Taliban are grateful for that. Go make submarines to Australians and play naval battle with the Chinese. Have your orgasms with blowjobs from willing Brits and cangurus. We’ll keep on with our terror agenda and exodus of infidels to Europe. The more flooding away, the more for us to bomb there with suicide squads longing for virgins.

Nuclear subs, nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear morons. Business as usual. Millions in blood money. Lets give a boost to the arms race. The more nuclear we get, the more orgasmic the Apocalypse.

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The Cold Cold War

men in black and red cade hats and military uniform

They say it ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. By then everyone talked about Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika and glasnost, Boris Yeltsin’s alcoholism and poking of women, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s plans to invade Finland and his night spent with pornstar and ex-member of the Italian parliament Cicciolina. The Russian bear was said to embrace the West, the iron curtain was open and, after fifty years of a nuclear arms race to an ever-growing arsenal capable of destroying life on Earth a few dozens of times, the Cold War was over.

The Soviet Union started to collapse. Eastern Europe republics claimed their independence from Russia, genocidal wars started in some of them, namely the one in former Yugoslavia. Some conflicts are still happening, sponsored by both Russia and countries from NATO. In the meantime, a former chief of the KGB becomes the elected President of Russia.

A few years ago, the spy novels writer John Le Carré said something like this: “I don’t want a microphone on Mr. Putin’s shoe. I want Mrs. Putin working for me.” The faith on technology replacing the investment on human capital turned the Western secret community into shambles, Le Carré explained. The Cold War isn’t over. Actually, spying activities have been increasing tremendously.

Russia and China have learned the hard way how communism as it was ruins economies. So they opened up, each on their on way. One country, two systems, for China, and an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy, for Russia, cartelized savage capitalism for both and their allies. Gas, caviar and Kalashnikovs made in Russia, everything else made in China, Western countries and companies exporting cheap jobs to them. Spies assure the wheels keep on turning, specially to the benefit of the armament, oil and stock exchange industries.

In this cold Cold War, ideology and human rights are lesser important than ever before. A self-centered culture grows fast in both East and West countries, private interests gain a pharaonic predominance legitimized by peoples craving for employment. We are on the verge of a hi-tech medieval age, where people’s souls return to tribal horizons. Intellectual and ethical capacities are submitted to the whims of the elites. Nations will be replaced by corporations. Businesses are to become the homeland of individuals.

Human qualities are no more.