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Selling Myself To Sell Others

That’s what getting sponsors is all about. We must be popular to get their support. We are providing the service of visibility. Although visibility takes hard work, it doesn’t give money by itself. Money comes from selling that visibility or any product derived from it. With some luck, the product itself increases visibility, the search for more products and the offers from more sponsors.

All over the Internet the gurus of blogging, vlogging, selling, writing eBooks and such give the same advices. Niching down, like the genres thing, providing services with “how to” articles, and chap-books are a must. It is all business. Forget artistic aspirations and soul fulfillment. You want sponsors? Be entertaining to the vastest possible audience. Follow trends and market rules. “Be smart instead of self-centered” is their motto.

No matter how hard I try, I am doomed to failure. Perhaps the role of agents and editors is to trim artists and sell what’s left. When an artist tries to be his own agent and editor, a routine of self-amputation is imposed upon him, compromising the flow of creativity. The censorship comes from the inside and that is severely violent. I don’t seem to be up to such endeavor.

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Commissioned Articles

Today I sent emails to a few brands of art materials proposing to write articles about their products in this blog. Will they answer me? Will they answer yes? I believe my blog is interesting to both artists and art lovers, who would benefit from this sort of explanatory publicity. As for myself, I find appealing to use my writing capacities for monetization. From an academic point of you, writing is the area I have more habilitations for.

The fast increase of readers and followers of NunoNevesStore is to me a source of enormous joy and motivation. Having the support of brands to keep the blog going would be a dream come true. I would have much more time to focus on my graphic novel and consequently more content to share here. A growing spiral might be formed, with the increase of followers attracting more sponsors and commissions.

Am I building castles in the air? Who doesn’t, from the beginning of any project? Dreaming is part of the fun.