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Pages 1 And 2 On Store Today (January 31, 2021)

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Page Two Again!

Things are moving. Drawing as if writing. No pencil sketch. Only dialogue and fast doodles on a notebook before drawing directly with pen and markers. It’s clumsy, expressive and intuitive. Hopefully, as the story develops, with moments of intellect. Sometimes I fear to be a fool or an idiot. It’s a consequence of being so focused on myself and my work. Perhaps being exposed on the Internet might give me some clues about the path I’m taking. Let’s wait for people’s reactions…

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Starting All Over

I do this plenty of times. No wonder things don’t get done. The graphic novel is back to square one. Page one, taking it literally. The reason? Same as usual. Boredom. Getting fed up with the slowness of the technique.

As I mentioned plenty of times in my videos, I want to draw fast. The purpose is to shorten the time between the idea and its concretion, keeping emotion and spontaneity as vivid as possible. When writing, phrases come to our mind and gain existence immediately, with concepts presented as they are written or pronounced. Corrections can be made, but the connection to the final result is pretty much straightforward. I want to achieve the same process while drawing. Otherwise I get bored.

I’m back to pages with less and bigger drawings. This time they will be even more simplified. More synthesis and expression and less realism. I will not watercolor the drawings and that allows me to use markers instead of the paintbrush for blotting shadows and volume, particularly in small areas. Colors will be added digitally, using the paint bucket. The final result might be clearer and more expressive drawings, perhaps a bit cartoonish.

Will it work?

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I like writing. Fiction, essays, opinion articles, you name it. I’ve learned the trade of putting words together and I love it. I am particularly fond of my language, as it happens with anyone who loves words. One gazes at melody, harmony, rhythm and meaning, taken on a twister of sensation and images that gives a whole new value to life and humanity.

Among my job prospections is writing opinion articles and chronicles to newspapers. One more brick to my castles in the air. I would also like to illustrate articles in newspapers and magazines. Keeping fake modesties aside, I could do a pretty effective work on both areas, writing and illustration.

So here is the question. How do I get in?

The only thing I’m asking in return is enough income to my surviving expenses. We live in a dog world, I know. Employment is becoming a luxury. To the most basic tasks employers ask for one year of previous experience, minimum. Some “offer” professional internships, which is the modern word for slavery. I am aware of all that. I am aware that no matter how competent I am or might be, I have no chance. Other variables are at stake which go beyond my control.

Nevertheless, I’m in the mood to feed this illusion for a while. I want to be paid for typing my words on a newspaper.